The creating process of our brooms it is summarised into two words: dedication and commitment. We take care of every detail in order to achieve the required product quality.

  1. We select each bunch of millet which has previously been dried to strip of the flower 
  2. Each spike grouped by size, thickness and condition.
  3. We moisten the millet ears in order to bend it and not break it into the development of each piece.
  4. We prepare the pine sticks. We select the length of the stick depending the function we want to perform.
  5. We started place the first millet ears after tying a wire to the bottom with a steel tip
  6. We hold around the millet spikes and we slowly add more spikes until we have the desired volume, always keeping in mind to the model of broom.
  7. We ended the broom adding more same size tied spikes, then we use one special steel nail reinforcing the broom..
  8. We press the broom ears to stitching it. Depending on its size, we insert different number of strings and colors acording to customers’ request.
  9. Once the millet is sewn and matched, we cut it using a guillotine for attaining the desired shape.
  10. This process is repeated hundreds of times every day, thousands of times each year for four generations.